Quick Tip Docs

Here you will find copies of various documents and slideshows containing helpful information for using Fielding’s library resources.

Getting Started:

Navigating the Fielding Library This slideshow illustrates the basics of how to get started using Fielding’s Library.

Quick Reference Guides:

Journal Search— Quickly learn to locate and access the contents of a particular journal.

eBook Search— Quickly learn to locate and access the contents of a particular ebook.

Browzine screenshot tutorial — Use this comprehensive guide to get started with BrowZine

Finding Full Text — Can’t find the full-text you need? Try these three alternatives.

Citation Resources — Need help properly citing sources? Here is a list of useful resources.

Interlibrary Loan — Learn the basics of requesting an article or book chapter unavailable in the library.

Using a Database Thesaurus — Trouble finding information in a database?  Try using its thesaurus to broaden your search.

Accessing Clinical Interview Videos — Use this short guide to learn how to access Fielding’s two clinical interview databases.

Creating Alerts — Want to receive an email when a new issue of a journal comes out?  Want to be updated when a new article related to your research is added to a database?  View this guide to learn how to create alerts.

Five Search Tips — A 2-page guide with five tips to save you time and energy while conducting database research.

Mini Search Tip Cheat Sheet — A condensed version of the search tip cheat sheet perfect for printing out and taping to your desk as a reminder! Just print the form and fold or cut in half.

Copyright Permissions — A short cheat sheet to help get you started requesting permission to reuse copyrighted material in your dissertation.

Troubleshooting— Use these quick tips if you are having trouble accessing databases, or trouble saving PDFs in Google Chrome.

PublishingTips — Check out these ideas about locating journals in which to publish an article (and how to avoid predatory publishers).  This is not an exhaustive list, but just a few ideas to get you started.

Fielding Library Writing Resources Guide (Word Doc) — A list of useful writing resources available full-text in the Fielding library.  Includes an appendix explaining how to access these resources and discover more.

Fielding Library Writing Resources Guide (PDF version) — same as above, just in an alternate format!

FASTsearch Tutorials:

Introduction to FASTsearch (PowerPoint) – Learn the basics of this search tool.

Advanced Search in FASTsearch (PowerPoint) – Take your research to the next level!

In the meantime, please refer to the FASTsearch tutorial videos or email the library with any questions.

Database Use/Search Tips:

Research Strategy Worksheet — Brainstorm ides and keyword synonyms to use while conducting research in Fielding library’s databases.

PsycBOOKS Full Text — Having trouble accessing the full-text of an item in the PscyBOOKS database?  This brief document uses simple screenshots to illustrate another way to access full-text.

Searching Within Fielding’s Library Resources:

Tests and Measures — This simple slideshow illustrates how to locate various tests and measures using the Fielding library.

Copyright Information:

Copyright Resources — This document contains information about copyright and obtaining permissions.  It is not meant to replace legal advice and should not be taken as such, but is intended to link you out to resources to help you comply with copyright law.

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