The New Zotero 6

The new version of Zotero is here! Zotero 6 includes many upgrades and improvements, including a built-in PDF reader, a new note editor, and amazing shortcuts to organization.  Learn more about the new version of Zotero here : 

Download the new version of Zotero here:

There is also a new Zotero app for iOS!  Download here:

Check out our video tutorials on Zotero 6 on our Fielding Librarian YouTube playlist:

Research Methods

Did you know that the library has a database devoted entirely to research methods? Sage Research Methods Core includes books and videos on popular research methods, including, but not limited to:

  • Action Research
  • Case Study
  • Coding
  • Ethnography
  • Evaluation
  • Internet Research
  • Interviews
  • Literature Review
  • Mixed Methods
  • Narrative Research
  • Observational Research
  • Questionnaires
  • Survey

Access this database by navigating to the Library Services page, clicking on the “Journals, Books and Databases” link, and then scrolling down to the “Databases” section:

We also have a research guide about using this resource here:

Happy researching!

Holiday closures and the library

With the holidays upon us, the term draws to a close.

Many exclaim “How can this be – where does the time go? How will I continue my studies and reading, while the rest of the world is shopping and feeding?”

Worry not, studious folk of Fielding – your friendly librarians have so many resources, it will leave your head reeling.

While still in your jammies, go online, and see what resources you’ll be able to find.

Click on the “Help” tab and what will appear? So many resources – you don’t have to fear!

Our library blog is searchable and abounds with research tips!

Our library guides cover so many topics you’ll flip:

The quick tip videos are arranged just so, but we don’t mind if you jump to and fro

If a PDF or Word document is something you prefer, check out the quick tip documents and give those a whirl:

You don’t have to rush, you don’t have to force – take a look at our self-paced library course!

While the librarians will be enjoying the holiday closure from December 24th – January 3rd, we look forward to helping you at the beginning of next term!

APA Style

When was the last time you checked out the APA Style website?

There are resources and examples to help with formatting your paper, style guidelines, in-text citations and references! Check out the Style and Grammar Guidelines:

The blog post is a great way to learn details about APA Style, like: From COVID-19 to demands for social justice: Citing contemporary sources for current events

For more great free resources on APA Style, be sure to visit the Online Writing Lab at Purdue University (the OWL at Purdue)!

Pride Month

The Dr. Dianne Kipnes Library at Fielding Graduate University celebrates Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Pride Month by offering a small sample of our library resources. Please browse our full selection in BrowZine, Kanopy and FASTsearch, or reach out to a librarian!




Library of Congress

UC Davis’ LGBTQIA Resource Center Glossary

White House Proclamation 2021


Accessing articles just got easier…with Firefox too!

Way back in February, 2020 we made a post titled ‘accessing articles just got easier‘ detailing a great new tool called LibKey Nomad. At that time, Nomad was only available as a Chrome browser extension. However, now it is also available in Firefox! Hooray!

As a refresher, here’s a little more detail about this great tool:

We understand that sometimes your search for articles doesn’t begin on the Fielding library website. However, we still want to make sure that you are able to take advantage of all of the wonderful resources to which we subscribe. Accessing our subscription content is now easier than ever before thanks to a new tool: LibKey Nomad.

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension. Once installed, if you view a work on a public scholarly website that’s also available in our library, Nomad will notify you and quickly connect you to the full-text. You can install it and forget about it until it pops up to notify you when the full-text of a work is available.

To add it to Firefox, first head over to the Firefox extensions page:

Search for ‘libkey nomad’ and then choose ‘add to Firefox’:

Screenshot of how to add LibKey Nomad to Firefox

After you add the extension, you’ll be asked to select your institution. Choose Fielding Graduate University from the list and you’re good to go:

Screenshot of Firefox after adding LibKey Nomad extension

There’s nothing else to do at this point. You can close out of that tab and now LibKey Nomad is installed. It looks like a small green teardrop icon in your browser.

All of the functionality is the same as in the Chrome browser. You can check out our LibKey Nomad Set-Up Guide to see more details.

LibKey Nomad was created with privacy in mind and does not cache any credentials. You can read more about their privacy policies at the bottom of this page:

Please reach out to us any time with questions:

Happy Searching!

Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander Heritage Month

In recognition of the history and achievements of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders (AANHPIs), the Dr. Dianne Kipnes Library at Fielding Graduate University offers a sample of library resources.


Slaying the Dragon: Reloaded
“Looks at the past 25 years of representation of Asian and Asian American women in U.S. visual media…”
Island of Warriors
By the numbers, some of the country’s most underserved veterans.

Queer Asian-Americans Share Their Stories



Asian American Journal of Psychology through Proquest
Journal of Asian American Studies through Proquest
Asian Affairs – An American Review through Taylor & Francis


PBS collection
Stories that explore the history, traditions and culture of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States. 

APA Style Website Highlights

Have you had a chance to check out the new APA Style website? With the launch of the 7th edition of their Publication Manual, the APA revamped their style website, making it easier than ever before to access the help materials you need.

Here are a few highlights:
Bias-Free Language: Access this page to find general principles for reducing bias in your writing as well as a number of specific examples addressing individual characteristics such as racial and ethnic identity, disabilities, sexual orientation, and more.
Reference Examples: Connect to this page to see common reference examples in various formats such as textual works, audiovisual materials, online media, and even data sets.
Paper Format: Struggling with the minutia of formatting an APA paper? Check out this resource for guidance on things like margins, font size, creating a title page, and more. You’ll even find sample papers to help guide you through the process.
Instructional Aids: If you’re looking for quick reference guides to save or bookmark, be sure to check out the page with ‘handouts and guides’. You’ll find checklists, activities, guide documents, and infographics to help demystify all things APA.

If you’re having trouble finding the specific guidance you need, make sure to give the APA Style Blog a try. Style experts use this space to make posts about common questions or new formats so it’s a great supplement to the full site.

The Fielding Library can also help you find further resources. If you’re dealing with a persnickety citation issue, feel free to reach out and we’ll work to get you connected to the guidance you need.

Happy Styling!