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Need more information?  Below you will find links to additional training videos and guides produced by the companies who create the many resources available in Fielding’s Library. Topics covered include: eBooks; Journal & Search Alerts; Citation Management ToolsDatabase Searching Help; and Study Tools.

eBOOK Tutorials: Not sure where to begin with eBooks? These tutorials will cover everything you need to successfully access and download eBook content.

The ProQuest eBook Central — This YouTube playlist consists of four videos designed to help you access and download eBook content from the eBook Central database.

EBSCO eBOOKs — A 4 minute tutorial which explains how to download EBSCO eBOOKs to your computer or e-reading device.

Journal, Search & Table of Contents Alerts: Ever wish that new journal or search-related content would come to you? Watch these tutorials and view the help materials to learn how to set up email alerts for journals and search strings.

ProQuest Alerts – An overview of setting up alerts in ProQuest databases.

EBSCO Journal Alerts – How to set up email alerts for journal content in EBSCO.

EBSCO Search Alerts – How to set up search-related alerts for content in EBSCO.

JournalTOCs – This is a free collection of tables of contents from over 24,000 scholarly journals.  With a free account you can follow up to 30 journals at once.

Citation Management Tools: Looking for a way to organize and manage your research and citations?  Check out these useful tools.

Mendeley — A freely available, easy-to-use research management tool. Follow the link and choose from their five tutorial videos to learn all about Mendeley’s features.

Zotero — Another freely available research management tool which lives in your internet browser.  Follow the link to check out their video library.

Database Searching: Want to know learn the ins and outs of a particular database?  The tools below were designed by the database makers themselves to help you get the most out of their resources.

ERIC Educational Resources — This 5 minute tutorial shows you the unique search capabilities of this premier education database.

How ERIC Can Help You Write a Research Paper — This 8 minute tutorial walks you through a detailed example of how you might use ERIC when writing a paper on an educational topic.  It discusses search terms, narrowing your results, and assessing the credibility of resources.

PsycTESTS on APA PsycNET — This YouTube playlist includes 5 tutorial videos created by the APA.

SAGE Research Methods — Whether you want to create a literature review or a complex quantitative study, SAGE research methods has all the resources to get you started.  Check out their comprehensive LibGuide to get started using this great new resource.

NexisUNI Training Materials — With access to news, legal, and business research resources, NexisUNI (previously LexisNexis), is an excellent database for any researcher.  To help you learn how to make the most of what NexisUni has to offer, check out this ten video YouTube playlist from the publisher.

Study Tools: Looking for resources to help you study and maximize productivity?  Check out some of these tools to get started.

Quizlet — Using Quizlet, you can create flashcards to help you study in a variety of ways.  Use the flashcards for straightforward study, or allow Quizlet to turn your flashcards into short-answer questions, tests, and even games!

Brainscape — Another notecard tool, Brainscape allows you to rank your confidence in the information presented in your notecards.  With such adaptive technology, Brainscape will show you notecards you are less confident in more frequently to help you learn difficult concepts.  Try their mobile app to study flashcards on the go with a tablet or mobile device!

The Pomodoro Technique — Have trouble with time management? Pomodoro is a simple technique geared toward allowing you to better manage your time to improve efficiency and strike a better balance between work and personal time.

Wunderlist — Though a deceptively simple idea, this list-making app has all the functionality you need to stay on top of your busy schedule. Not only can you create lists, you can add due dates and reminders, make notes, and sync your lists to all of your devices. Collaborate with others by sharing lists–whether you are working on a paper with colleagues or suggesting favorite movies to friends.

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