Linking to Library Resources

Are you tired of going through the library every time you want to connect to Google Scholar?

Wish those links in your FASTsearch emails always connected back to resources?

Love PsycINFO and wish you could just go straight to it when it’s time to research?

The Fielding library is pleased to announce that we have enabled a new authentication method that will allow you to link back to library content without first having to go through Moodle or MyFielding!

This new authentication method does not replace the previous method, so you are still able to connect to our library resources however you prefer.

We’ve created a guide which explains the new method in detail, shows you how/where to save links back to our content, and more: Faculty: be sure to check out the ‘faculty tip’ tab for information on how you can use this method in your syllabi and Moodle pages!

A quick summary:

With this new method, when you follow a link back to a library resource (such as a FASTsearch result), you will first encounter a log-in screen to verify that you are allowed to access the resource:


Please note: you must use your MyFielding credentials on the log-in page.

Once you input your credentials, you’ll be connected directly to the resource itself.

Some Suggested Uses:


  • Use a citation manager? Check out the ‘citation managers’ tab in the LibGuide above for suggestions on how to integrate our new authentication method with your citation manager.

Since this authentication method is brand new to us, we’re sure there will be some bumps along the road. If you encounter any issues please don’t hesitate to contact the library for assistance. And remember you can always connect to the library via Moodle or MyFielding to access FASTsearch, our databases, and more.

Happy Searching!

Hey, let’s meet!

Greetings Fielding Library Users,

Hasn’t this year flown by?  It’s hard to believe that it’s just about time for another Winter Session.  As always, your friendly librarians will be on-site to provide instruction and reference assistance.

Can’t make it to one of our classes but have a burning library question (or ten)?  We can still help!  Feel free to email the library in advance or drop by the reference desk in the registration area to schedule a time to meet.  We’ll be available for appointments from Thursday-Saturday during SLS week, and from Monday-Wednesday during Psych week.  If for some reason we can’t meet during session, remember that we are always available to schedule a Zoom meeting!

If you’re chomping at the bit for some nerdy library-related news, why not check out Altmetric’s Top 100 of 2016? Altmetric does a lot of work to track how research is talked about in the news and on social media, and each year they bring you the 100 most-discussed articles of the year based on those metrics.  In this year’s list you’ll find:

  • The first academic paper published by a sitting President
  • A work investigating the link between income-level and life-expectancy
  • A study investigating the relationship between cell phone frequencies and cancers in rats
  • And even a work about the relationship between smart phone user and children’s sleep patterns

Plenty of interesting reading to be had!

Have a safe and happy holiday season!  We’ll see you next year!


Gentle Nudge (…or plea)

Greetings to all of you lovely blog readers! This is, I promise, our final gentle reminder that there is still time to make your voice heard and complete our library survey!


Image by Boris Lechaftois. CC license here.  Adapted from original.

We welcome any and all feedback.  Not to mention…this is a wonderful way to procrastinate just a little longer!

Just click on the appropriate link below to get started:

Student Survey:

Faculty Survey:

Thank you, have a wonderful weekend, and happy searching!