Quick Tip Videos

Library Quick Tip Videos

Below, you will find an array of short videos offering instruction ranging from navigating the library website to utilizing advanced search strategies. Videos are best viewed full screen so you may see all of the text and details. Please note, if you would like to turn on Closed Captioning to follow along, it works best using the Chrome browser.

Getting started:

Navigating the library website — View a brief tour of the library.

Navigating the Journals, Books and Databases page — Watch this 2.5 minute video overview to learn how to use the functions on the Journals, Books and Databases page.

Finding Journals — Learn to see if Fielding has access to a specific journal title, its dates of coverage, and how to access and/or browse the journal’s content.

Finding eBooks — Learn to search Fielding’s collection of eBooks for a particular title, or for a work related to a certain field of study.

Google Scholar — Learn the benefits of connecting to Google Scholar through the library website.

Finding Dissertations — Some useful tricks to help you search for dissertations by Fielding students and students at other institutions.

FASTsearch Tutorials – Begin your research here to discover journal articles (and much more!) using this search tool.

Overview & Basic Search — This video provides an overview of FASTsearch, demonstrates a sample search, and discusses the features of the results page.

Results Page Filters — This tutorial walks through the filters available on the results page and how using each will affect your results.

Advanced Search Page — This video will walk you through the features of the advanced page as well as a couple sample searches.

Saving Searches — This video will show you how to temporarily and permanently save searches in FASTsearch

Advanced Searching Tips

Boolean Operators & Nesting — Learn how best to combine your search terms.

Truncation–A simple trick to expand your search.

Phrase Searching–Find results containing an exact phrase in this short video.

Proximity Searching–An easy way to broaden your search results by finding terms near each other in a record.

Keywords vs. Subject Headings — Learn the difference between using keywords and subject headings while conducting scholarly research in this 90-second video.

Thesaurus Tutorial–Learn to use a database’s thesaurus to discover subject terms related to your topic. (Be sure to watch the 90-second Keywords vs. Subject Headings video (above) first!

Database-specific Tutorials

SAGE Research Methods Online — An overview of the main features of this one-of-a-kind database designed to help you find information about various research methods.

PsycINFO Tips Mini-Series — A series of three short videos about some of the advanced search options within PsycINFo, including: limiting by methodology; limiting by age group; and searching for tests & measures.

Other Tools and Resources

What is Zotero & why should I use it?

Zotero Video Tutorial Series — Learn how to get started using Zotero 6!  Click on the title of the series to connect to the playlist (best viewed on YouTube) or view/access the individual video links below. 

Scholarly Resources & The Web — Learn the benefits of using scholarly databases versus the open web when conducting research in this 2-minute video.

Google Advanced Searching Pt. 1 — This quick video (~6m) will help you get started using the advanced search features of Google.

Google Advanced Searching Pt. 2 — This video (~7m) is a follow-up to the part 1 tutorial.  It covers how to use the various ‘filters’ on the advanced search page and includes additional sample searches. *Best viewed full-screen.

Boolean Operators


Phrase Searching

Proximity Searching


FASTsearch Overview

FASTsearch Filters

FASTsearch Advanced Search Page

FASTsearch Saved Searches

Finding Journals

Finding eBooks

Google Scholar

Dissertations & Theses

SAGE Research Methods


PsycINFO-Age Group

PsycINFO-Tests & Measures

Keywords vs. Subject Headings

Scholarly Research & The Deep Web

Thesaurus Tutorial

Zotero and the Fielding Library

Google Advanced Searching Pt. 1
Google Advanced Searching Pt. 2

Navigating the Journals, Books and Databases page


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