How to find an article.

Found an interesting reference in a paper?  Has a professor given you a citation they’d like you to read?  If you’d like to see if an article is available in the Fielding Library, there are several different ways to look for it; this post will highlight two:

  1. The fast, easy and mostly reliable way – using Google Scholar.
  2. The longer, not as easy, but most reliable way – using our journal/book search.

Let’s say you want to find the following article:

Leban, W., & Zulauf, C. (2004). Linking emotional intelligence abilities and transformational leadership styles. Leadership and Organization Development Journal, 25(7), 554-564.

Method #1

Using the first method, make sure you have Fielding saved in your Google Scholar library links:  Set up your Google Scholar account

Look up the title of the article on Google Scholar to see if we have it in our collection.  If we do, you’ll see a “Full Text @ Fielding” link on the right side of the results page:


The advantage of using Google Scholar is that if Fielding doesn’t have access to the article, you may be able to find a free copy elsewhere.

Method #2

Another way to look for an article is to look up the journal using our Journal and Book Titles search box.

Open the “Journal, Book & Databases” link under the default ‘Research’ tab on the main Library page, and search the title of the journal in the first search box:



The results page shows the databases that index the journal.  Choose the database based on the dates of coverage of the journal.  In this case, both databases – ABI/Inform and Emerald, include the proper dates of coverage to include our journal’s publication date, so you can choose either database.


You may notice the “Search inside this journal” box in the screenshot above.  This tool often does not work, so to find your article, proceed to the steps below.

Click on the link to the database, and you’ll land of the journal page of the database.  These pages will look different depending upon the database.  For example, here is the Emerald page:

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 4.38.04 PM


and here is the ABI/Inform page (which we will use for the rest of this exercise):


Since the article was published in 2004, click the + sign next to the proper date range (2000-2009) in order to reveal the link for 2004:

Then click on the + sign next to 2004 to open the issues for that year.  Then click on the proper volume/issue:

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 5.07.38 PM

Now we have the contents of the issue, so we need to look for our article:

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 5.29.55 PM

The article we want is listed above, and we can see that there are full-text options.  Success!

If you aren’t successful with your own search, consult our “Finding Full Text” guide under our list of quick tip documents:

If you’d like to see the content of this blog in video format, take a look at our quick-tip videos:





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