Another ‘handy’ collection to enhance your research

Riddle me this blog-readers, what do the following things have in common?

  • Creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship
  • Evolutionary perspectives on violence, homicide, and war
  • Hoarding and acquiring
  • Clinical geropsychology
  • Developmental behavioral neuroscience

If you answered ‘they are all interests of someone you would find at my family reunion’, I would say that you must have quite the fascinating family….

The Awkward Family Photos Book

Photo posted by wicker paradise. CC license here.


But, that’s incorrect. The real answer is that these are all titles found within the Oxford Handbooks Online Psychology collection.

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing for a collection of scholarly research reviews focused on a specific topic, chock-full of high-level articles from top scholars in the field, then you may want to check out some of these works.  The Fielding Library subscribes to the psychology collection which contains 117 handbook titles containing 4,784 articles in total.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that the collection includes the word ‘psychology’ in the title. Of course, many handbooks address topics specific to psychology, but these works cover a broad range of subject matter that could be of interest to someone from any of the programs Fielding offers. Consider some of these possible research scenarios….

  • Researching pathological gambling?  Check out the Handbook on Impulse Control Disorders.
  • Curious about the biological factors underlying behavior?  Head on over the recently published Handbook of Molecular Psychology.
  • Got your eye on organizational culture? Maybe you should explore the unique Handbook of Organizational Socialization.
  • Grappling with varying counseling techniques for clients from diverse economic backgrounds? You might be interested in the Handbook of Social Class in Counseling.

Alright, alright, you get the idea. Of course, in addition to those specific examples, there are many handbooks that deal with other straightforward topics such as leadership, clinical psychology, neuroscience, media psychology, development (in children and adults), and more, so you have tons of reading material at your fingertips!

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Image by Enokson. CC license here.

So, how can you get your hands on these little gems?

First, as with all great hidden gems, you will follow the ‘databases’ link on the main library website.

From there you will dexterously scroll down through the alphabetical list until you land on: Oxford Handbooks Online Psychology.

Once connected to the database, you will initially see the list of 117 Handbook titles.  If you’re not sure what’s here, you may want to scroll through some titles to get an idea.  Remember, these titles are comprised of nearly 5,000 individual articles, so there is A LOT of content here.

Given all that content, you may want to use the ‘search within’ function to locate the material most closely aligned with your research interests.  One important word of caution here: there are two search boxes on the screen.  Using the box along the left-hand side of the screen will search within the collection of psychology handbooks and thus within the collection that Fielding users have full-text access to.  If you use the box at the top of the screen, it will search all of the Oxford Handbooks collection, including items Fielding does not have access to (basically: it will likely frustrate and annoy you).  However, if you did just want to see what else was out there, you may want to use that option.  Here’s a screenshot to orient you:



There you have it.  Next time you want to look through some scholarly research reviews related to your topic, hop on over to see if there’s a ‘handy’ handbook title or article which can help.