New Zotero Video Tutorial Series

Your friendly Fielding librarians are proud to announce the creation of a new video tutorial series about all things Zotero.  This 9-part series walks through everything you need to know to get up and running with Zotero 5.0, from downloading the application to using it with Microsoft Word.

If you’re already using Zotero, you might want to check out Video 5 which reviews some known issues and workarounds that will make life a little easier.

You can access the playlist directly in YouTube here. You can access each video individually from the Quick Tip Videos page of this blog (under the ‘Other Tools & Resources’ heading).  Here’s what’s included:

  • Video 1: Download.  A walk-through of how to download the desktop application and browser connector tool.
  • Video 2: Preferences. Reviews how to set up your preferences in Zotero including: aesthetic changes, miscellaneous preferences, syncing, a PDF indexing tool, and the MS Word add-in.
  • Video 3: Adding Items from the Web. A walk-through how to add items to the library from these sites: Fielding’s FASTsearch, Google Scholar, individual Databases, Amazon, YouTube, and news outlets.
  • Video 4: Adding Items Manually. How to add items into your Zotero library manually by: storing a copy of a file, creating a record from scratch, or adding by identifier.
  • Video 5: Tips and Quirks When Adding Items. This video will discuss some known issues when adding items to your library including: when your Zotero connector always looks like a gray box; issues with FASTsearch/Google Scholar links; and what happens when you save to Zotero from an open PDF.
  • Video 6: Organizing Your Library. How to create collections and sub-collections and how to add items to each.
  • Video 7: Notes, Tags, and Related Items. How to use the notes, tags, and related items feature to add further context and organization to your library.
  • Video 8: Generating Citations and Bibliographies in Zotero. A walk-through how to create citations and bibliographies from within your Zotero library. It will also show a brief overview of the ‘generate report’ function.
  • Video 9: Zotero and MS Word. How to use Zotero within MS Word to generate in-text citations and bibliographies.

Happy Searching!

7 thoughts on “New Zotero Video Tutorial Series

  1. These are really terrific! I’m going to use them with my students at Vanderbilt University. Are there any individual librarians that I could cite by name when sharing this content?

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