Farewell 2015!

We’ve done it! (Just about).  Made it to the end of another year and, hopefully, a brief period of rest and relaxation. Hooray!

Merry Christmas!!!

Image by Toni Blay. CC license here.

For those of you attending Winter Session in January, we hope you will bring your rejuvenated and reinvigorated self by the library table to say hello.  We will be around teaching classes and offering reference assistance.  If you’d like to coordinate an appointment time with a librarian, please send us an email: library@fielding.edu.

For this final blog post of the year, we thought you might enjoy taking a look at Altmetric’s Top 100 Articles of 2015. They’ve combed through their data and compiled this list of the 100 articles which have gotten “the most attention from the mainstream media, blogs, Wikipedia and social networks, as well as amongst a more academic audience in post-publication peer-review forums and research highlights” (quote from this page).

The list represents a fascinating spread of topics, from theropods to hiring inequality to plastic pollution to Facebook, you’re sure to discover something of interest here.

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can always curl up with one of your go-to favorites; it’s YOUR vacation!

201/365: secret #19

Image by malik ml williams. CC license here.

Happy Searching and Happy New Year!

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