So where can I find…..? Quick tips for MyFielding

As Fielding migrates much of its old Felix content into MyFielding, it can occasionally be tricky to find what you need. Here in the library, we fairly regularly receive questions about how to navigate to a variety of these materials and thought we would share the answers to some common inquiries.

Dissertation Guidelines and Instructions

While the library website itself does not contain information about how to complete your Fielding dissertation, this information is available via MyFielding.  Once you’ve logged in, hover over the ‘menu’, select ‘Research’, and then select ‘Dissertation’:

My Fielding Menu

This will bring up a sub-menu of options.  For those of you interested in finding guidance regarding font, spacing, pagination and more, select ‘Style Guidelines’ from the menu:

Style guidelines page

In addition to the content on the main page, make sure to note that you can find attachments and sample works in the ‘documents’ section, as well as additional guidance in the ‘FAQs’ section on the right side of the page.


To navigate to the pages which offer more information about TurnItIn, this time select ‘Resources’ then ‘Turnitin’ from the MyFielding menu:


Here, you will find general information, as well as pages specifically addressing common student and faculty questions.


We occasionally receive questions from students seeking access to various software packages.  Fielding does provide links to discounted access of SPSS, the AATBS Bronze Package, and the Taylor Method study materials via our online store.  To access the store, hover over the ‘menu’, select ‘student services’, and then choose ‘The Fielding Store’.

Once you’re connected to the store, click on the ‘software’ link to see what is available:


We hope these quick tips will help you more readily find the information you need!


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