Outta Cite! (Or, “some great APA style resources”)

Some of you blog readers may recall a post we did last year about the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL).  The OWL is a wonderful resource when it comes to formatting papers and citing sources following APA style guidelines.

We all know that creating proper citations can feel a bit tedious at times….


Photo by Giuseppe Savo. CC license here.

So in addition to the OWL, here are some other suggestions to help you conquer the dreaded reference list.

The Publication Manual of the APA, 6th Edition

Perhaps not the most fun, but certainly the most authoritative source on this subject is in fact the APA manual itself:

Back to School Book Display Fall 2015

Photo by The COM library. CC license here.

Why use the manual?  In addition to providing a thorough list of citation/reference examples, the manual also includes information about the writing process, proper formatting, and more. Whether you need guidance on word choice, how to properly display study results, or even how to work your way through the scholarly publishing process, this manual has you covered.

It is a must-own for any student or researcher using APA style.  You can find tons of copies (both used and new) available for sale through major online book retailers like Amazon, or from the APA style website.

The APA Style Website

Speaking of the website, this is another great place to go for information: www.apastyle.org.  While the full manual  is only available for purchase, the style site provides guidance on many common questions.  Simply click on the ‘Learning APA Style’ tab to bring up a list of options:

APA style website screenshot

Click image to enlarge.

The APA Style Blog

In addition to the main website, APA Style also maintains a wonderful blog: http://blog.apastyle.org/.  Here, you can find posts on a variety of topics, including how to cite some of those newer, trickier resources such as social media sites, comics, online maps, and more!

If you cannot find quite what you are looking for on the blog, they welcome you to leave a comment on a related post, or to contact them directly: styleexpert@apastyle.org.   This can be a great option for finding an authoritative answer to some of those more persnickety questions.

The Fielding Library Website

On a final note, did you know that there is a link to the APA Style Guide to Electronic Resources on the main library website?  That’s right!  When you land on the library website, look for the left-hand column labeled ‘Search’, and you will find this link near the bottom of the page:

Screenshot of guide link.

Click image to enlarge.

 The guide to electronic references will help you learn to create citations for a variety of digital resources. It will help answer some questions such as….

  • Wait, wait, so when do I need to include a DOI number?
  • How can I cite a test record or measurement instrument?
  • Can I cite online lecture notes or presentation slides?
  • How do I cite a website with no date? (or no author, no title, etc.)

With this combination of resources,  you should have everything you need to become an expert APA styler.  Your dream come true!

As per usual, happy searching!  If you know of other great resources for citing sources, be sure to share them with your librarians and your peers in the comments section!

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