Get Down To Business…and Human Rights.

A while back, we brought you a post titled Humanitarian Updates via ReliefWeb all about a wonderful resource for keeping up to speed with timely and reliable humanitarian information. Today, we offer a glimpse at a similar resource with a business twist: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre.

Logo for business and human rights resource centre.

Best described by the source itself, the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre has a simple mission:

“We work with everyone to advance human rights in business. We track the human rights abuse and advances of companies around the world, and help the vulnerable eradicate abuse.” (from the ‘about’ page).

With a friendly user interface, it is quite easy to navigate the resource centre and discover content of interest.  Here are a few highlights of their simple-to-use tools.

Big Issues

Not sure what you’re looking for?  Want to get the story on a larger issue? Use the ‘Discover Big Issues’ tab to see a list and short descriptions of some of the major focal points:

Screenshot of layout of big issues page

Just click on a heading to learn more about the issues that interest you and to be linked to related content.


Conducting research on a specific company?  Use the ‘Find Companies’ tab at the top of the screen to navigate through alphabetical company listings.  Once you view the profile for a particular company, you can choose to view all of its content, or select something more specific such as: articles, reports, lawsuits, responses and more:

screenshot of apple profile on business and human rights resource centre.


Something in Between

Looking for something more focused than a ‘big issue’ but less specific than a particular company?  No worries. The ‘Search Topics’ tab lets you browse all of the topical content available in the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre.  Be sure to scroll down to see the different ways the content is categorized; they have everything from ‘issues’ to ‘regions/countries’ to ‘sectors’ and even ‘principles’.

Once you select a topic, you can view related information and, if available, any international standards which might be relevant:


Prefer that all this information come to you?  You can sign up for the Centre’s ‘weekly updates’ to receive breaking news every Wednesday.

Conducting more business-related research?  Be sure to check out the Fielding Library’s subscribed content (by first connecting to the library website!), such as the ABI/Inform Complete database and LexisNexis Academic for company profiles and related business content.

We here in the library are always glad to assist you as well!


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