Put Some Elation in Your Presentation

Let’s be honest: it can be hard to stay engaged during a presentation. What’s worse…it can be nerve-wracking to try to engage an audience during a presentation.  Just because you have a captive audience, this does not mean they are captivated.


Image by Oliver Tacke. CC license here.


Luckily, some wonderful alternative presentation tools have hit the market in recent years. These tools are visually engaging and allow you to get creative and move beyond the basic slide templates you might be used to.

First up: HaikuDeck

This tool encourages you to use less text on your slides; instead focusing on keywords and striking visuals. In their words, “we make telling your story simple, beautiful, and fun.”

You can use HaikuDeck for free on the web, or download the app for iPad. For those who are more comfortable using PowerPoint, you can download the slides you create as a PowerPoint file and present with the software you’re most comfortable with!

Check out their two-minute intro video below or jump straight to their presentation gallery here:


Next: Prezi

Prezi’s unique functionality allows you to ‘zoom’ through your story or presentation. This tool is perfect for someone looking to show how a bigger picture or idea is broken down into multiple components. One of the best features of Prezi is that you can embed videos or video clips directly into your presentation.

Prezi is cloud-based so you can use it on any device with an internet connection.  The basic web version is free, or you can upgrade your account to get more storage space, tech support, and more.

View their one-minute promo below or jump straight to their presentation gallery here:


Last but not least: PowToon

As advertised, PowToon “brings awesomeness to your presentations”.  Perhaps best-suited to the adventurous presenter, PowToon allows you to created animated videos to convey your message. This tool is ideal for someone wanting to express an idea or message in a short, engaging manner.  For those unready to try their hand at video animation, PowToon Slides is another slide presentation tool which is easy to use and visually appealing.

Here is a sample PowToon the library made to explain the benefits of using databases vs. the open web:


We hope you’ll enjoy getting creative and taking your presentations to the next level!


2 thoughts on “Put Some Elation in Your Presentation

    • Hi Kimberly–I think the PowToon may be best viewed using the Chrome browser. I tested it today and was able to view it. I’ve added a hyperlink to it so it can be viewed directly in YouTube as well. Thanks for letting us know!


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