It’s a Wunderlist Life

Many students we speak with rely heavily on ‘To-Do Lists’ to keep them organized and remind them of upcoming deadlines.

Despite our best intentions, though, many people’s To-Do Lists wind up looking something like this:

Messy post-it to do list

Image by Alan Levine. CC license here.

Ah yes, we are all guilty of grabbing the nearest envelope or receipt or post-it note and frantically scribbling down important things to remember.  Then, we set our coffee mug on the list, mistake it for trash, or just end up making another one instead.

Thanks to the age of software and apps, there are some wonderful and simple list-making tools out there, such as Wunderlist, which can help us get organized.

screenshot of wunderlist app

Screenshot from Wunderlist


So, perhaps a list-making app sounds a little silly at first…why not just type the list in a Word document, right?

Wrong!  Wunderlist does so much more.  Sure it let’s you create lists about anything you can imagine, but it also offers these great features:

  • Set due dates and reminders for items in your list to keep you on top of deadlines
  • Share lists with fellow students or co-workers to make collaboration easier
  • Sync your lists to multiple devices so they are accessible anywhere
  • Make notes and comments next to list items so you all have the details you need
  • For those of us who prefer a hard-copy, print your lists in one click

It’s also worth mentioning that Wunderlist is completely free!

If you want to read external reviews and learn about some other list-making apps to find the one that’s right for you, check out this article from Life Hacker.

Now get out there and get organized!

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