Search Smarter, Not Harder

Whew—earning a postgraduate degree is a LOT of work. As a Fielding student, not only are you challenging yourself to grow academically, you are probably doing so while maintaining a career, family, and maybe even some semblance of a personal life.

Write till you drop!

Image by Nenyaki. View CC license here.

We here in the library recognize that you have a lot going on and we want to help make staying on top of current research as easy as possible.

One simple way to do so is to sign up to have the tables of contents (TOCs) of your favorite scholarly journals sent directly to your inbox.

No more scouring the web once a month in search of the latest articles. No more frustrating late nights trying to remember the names of the journals your professor mentioned last year at summer session.  Just a few clicks of the mouse to check your email and voila!


Image by Marina. View CC license here.

How is this possible? A free service whose name says exactly what it means: JournalTOCs.  Yes, JournalTOCs is “the largest, free collection of scholarly TOCs”!

Drawing TOCs from nearly 25,000 journals, they are bound to be able to provide you with updates regarding your field of study.

Simply sign up for an account, search for the journals you would like to follow, and turn on email alerts.  Then, whenever a new table of contents is released, it comes straight to you!

Journal TOCs makes it easy to discover content; you can browse by subject/publisher, or search for a specific publication of interest.

We hope you will explore JournalTOCs and that it will make the research process (a little) easier.

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