Get Social…In A Smart Way

No denying it: social media is a great, entertaining way to connect with our friends and family…but sometimes don’t you wish there were a networking site for academics?

A place where you could share your research and follow the research of others in your field?  A site that allows you to track the impact of your research with sophisticated analytics?

Today’s your lucky day! is a global community of over 15 million academics who want to share what they know and learn from others. (And a little insider tip for you library blog followers—this is a great place to find full-text research papers and other documents!)

Once you visit, use the simple search box at the top of the screen to get started.  You can search for people, research topics, or even institutions.

Academia Search Interface Screenshot

Click image to enlarge.


Use the navigation at the top to choose to view people, documents, journals, and even jobs related to the topic you searched.

Academia Results page screenshot

Click image to enlarge.

When looking through documents, you can see how many times they’ve been viewed as well as the author’s research interests.

Academia Sample Documents

Click image to enlarge.

As librarians, of course, we must note that anyone can post research here: a world-renowned academic might re-post a published paper, or an undergraduate student might post a final essay.  Be sure to view researcher profiles to learn more about the author and their works.

Once you sign up and create a profile, you can really get networking!

Happy searching and sharing!

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