Liven Up Your Study Materials

Wouldn’t it be nice if all those notecards you made to help yourself study were a little more interactive?

Don’t you wish you had actually made all those notecards you wanted to use for studying?

Perhaps you even wish you could liven up your study materials by turning them into a game?

Quizlet to the rescue!  This multi-faceted study tool not only allows you to create flashcards, it also turns those cards into short answer questions, tests, and games!

Traditionalists will enjoy the straightforward flashcard tool:


Sample Flashcard


Caffeinated, go-get-‘em types may enjoy the pressure of short-answer questions and tests:

Sample Quiz Question Sample Quiz Answer


While our playful learners (which is likely everyone) will find the two game options, which involve matching and racing against the clock, to be quite refreshing:

Sample Scatter Game Image


Quizlet offers many additional capabilities to fit your needs.  Create content in a Word document which Quizlet will automatically translate into a set of flashcards.  Share and create notecards with others if you want to divvy up the work or study with a group.  Visual learners will appreciate that you can even add images to enrich your flashcards.

Check out this tool today to understand why Quizlet is currently one of the top 100 most visited websites in the U.S.

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